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No Yellow shampoo 300ml

No Yellow shampoo 300ml

Supremacy Stay Chessnut  100% Organic

Part of our “Stay Colour Collection”


No yellow shampoo ? fed up of them yellow stains why not give Supremancy No Yellow a go ?

How to use No Yellow shampoo


If your horse has really yellow areas we advise washing the area in regular shampoo first , to remove all dirt and grease from the area before applying No Yellow shampoo .  For best result apply when area has dried and wait 10-15 min before rinsing off repeat if needed

if you have mare with a really yellow tail we advise to get a tail bag wash the tail in your normal shampoo removing the dirt and grease then wait to dry and apply no yellow shampoo and leave over night with a tail bag

if your horse has a small stain wet the area and wash threw with no yellow leave for 5 min and rinse off

if your just keeping on top of keeping white . put a small amount of no yellow in a bucket of warm water and wash and shampoo as normal

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