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Why did i start the company?

Why is Supremacy Show Products different from other products on the market?

Truthfully, I started developing my products to use on my own horse. He had such sensitive skin that would often look dull in the show ring due to products on the market not working for his sensitive coat. I would often need to resort to using baby oil to make my horse’s coat look shiny and healthy – which would often aggravate his skin and leave him feeling greasy and unhappy. I knew I needed to figure out a way to get my horse’s coat and skin looking healthy, shiny and fabulous but also feeling healthy and fabulous! Unfortunately, none of the products on the market were able to do this for my horse.

This is why I spent countless nights, after full days of being a hairdresser and a Mum, researching and studying equine skin. I wanted to discover a product that would provide my horse with skin that looked fabulous but also gave my horse a gentle and healthy wash – not just for the show ring but all year round.

I wanted to have full control of what I was putting on my horse’s skin so that is why I make all of my products from scratch so I know what goes into each and every bottle. When I saw the amazing results, both aesthetically and medically, for my horse I was over the moon and I knew I needed to share my product with other horse lovers who want the best for their horse’s skin and wellbeing.

By introducing my products to the market, I was able to not only provide safe and brilliant products that actually work but also do my bit for the environment by offering a ‘Refill Deal’ which allows loyal customers to get 10% discount with every bottle they return. Customers are offered free postage and are encouraged to help reduce plastic content and in turn help our future.

Anyone with a horse will know that they are not a cheap hobby, this is why I have aimed to provide affordable products with varying prices and sizes for every different budget. Our products can be bought in a 300ml bottle, 500ml bottle or a 1 litre bottle depending on your needs and budget. I believe our prices reflect the amount of effort, care and knowledge that goes into developing the product. The results speak for themselves!

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