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Looking Hot Oil

Looking Hot Oil

100 % natural ingredients and uv protected


What can you use looking hot oil for? 

hot clothing is an important part of any grooming routine as it helps to maintain a healthy coat . assign a splash of out looking hot oil to your routine will not only make your horses coat look and smell amazing , but it gets rid of the dust and grease with out stripping the coat of its natural oils

out looking hot oil work with your horses natural oils to keep there coat healthy and shiny

use after bathing

with our looking hot oil being in a aluminium bottle POP THE KETTLE ON! get a small bowl of boiled water pop the bottle in the bowl wait for the bottle to heat up (5min) (PLEASE TEST ON YOUR WRIST FIRST TO MAKE SURE NOT TO HOT ) ( PLEASE ASK A ADULT TO DO THIS FOR YOU )

Pop the looking hot oil on a cloth and wipe all over your horses body and watch the magic happen

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